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Provide professional environmental and geotechnical engineering services as well as topographic and bathymetric surveying services in connection with proposed construction and environmental investigations of U. S. Coast Guard facilities throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. Services will consist of: (1) Providing reports, conducting studies, analyses and other documentation as necessary for environmental site assessments of proposed new projects and existing properties; (2) Providing reports on site characterization, risk assessments and corrective action alternatives; (3) Providing plans and specifications for the remediation of contaminated areas; (4) Conducting detailed geotechnical investigations to determine geotechnical design parameters and construction recommendations; (5) Conducting asbestos and lead based paint surveys and related industrial hygiene requirements in support of proposed construction projects; (6) Providing design reports, plans and specifications relating to the abatement of asbestos and lead based paint issues of proposed projects; (7) Providing topographic and bathymetric surveying services; (8) Preparing National Environmental Policy Act documentation; (9) Inspection Services; (10) Preparing environmental permits; and, (11) Implementing remedial designs. Contact Carol Anton, Contract Specialist, Phone 757-852-3416, Fax 757-852-3495, Email canton@fdcclant.uscg.mil or contact Cathy Broussard, Contracting Officer, Phone 757-852-3449, Fax 757-852-3495.