Weekly Update

The Museum of Surveying in Lansing, Mich., is the only museum in the United States dedicated solely to the profession, history and technology of surveying. Its collection of historic artifacts related to surveying contains everything from chains, solar compasses and original bearing trees to astronomical theodolites, aerial surveying cameras, and a circular-dividing engine used to scribe verniers on a compass face. Visitors are able to view instruments used by William Austin Burt, deputy surveyor and inventor of the solar compass and the typographer (typewriter). The Bausch & Lomb display houses surveyors' instruments made by the optical company, which has not produced this line of product since America entered World War I. The Museum of Surveying is also home to an active reenactment group, which travels throughout the region displaying artifacts and re-creating the job of the original surveyors.

For more information regarding the Museum of Surveying, contact the director at 517/484-6605 or E-mail: museumofsurvey@acd.net.