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This publication serves as notice of intent to procure, on a sole-source basis, with the State of California, Governor's Office of Emergency Services, services in support of the West Coast Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Implementation Plan, which includes the development of tsunami evacuation maps, and tsunami mitigation programs. Specifically, mapping activities consist of 1) developing inundation projections for un-mapped sections of the coast of California (Mendocino to Marin, Monterey to San Luis Obispo counties), and 2) providing inundation projections to operational areas; mitigation activities consist of 1) convening the State Steering Committee to review current strategy and priorities of implementing mitigation and mapping activities, 2) participating in National Tsunami Hazard Steering Committee meetings to review progress, establish priorities and guide program, 3) developing and reproducing public information materials, information signs, and evacuation maps at the local level, 4) participating with operational areas in developing evacuation maps and information from previously developed inundation projections. The government intends to negotiate with this unique source, State of California, as they are the state authority responsible for participating in and managing the State of California's portion of the Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Implementation Plan. The period of performance is estimated from time of contract award through June 30, 2001. Contact Karen D. Bruce (206)526-6370.