Weekly Update

The National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) will be hosting an on-site technology expo on Tuesday, September 19, 2000. The event is being promoted to all the NIMA Bethesda personnel (Bethesda, Westfield, Reston, HQ Building, Sangamore Road buildings and NIMA 213 at Navy Yard). Some technologies of interest for this event include: mapping applications, digital technologies, photographic technologies, multimedia, CD- ROM, scanners, color printers and plotters, imaging, presentation systems, GIS, software development, workstations, CAD, data conversion and video teleconferencing. A special request has been made for women-owned business. The last event at this location had 240 sign-ins and over 300 personnel attended. This event is happening twice, so catch your chance to exhibit again on September 21, 2000.For more information about either of these events, please contact Andrew Kennedy at (888) 603- 8899 ext.218 or via E-mail at kennedy@ncsievents.com or visit www.ncsievents.com.