Weekly Update

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) selected ESRI, Redlands, Calif., to develop, install and maintain an agency-wide standard GIS platform. It is part of HUD's Community 2020 program, which seeks to improve the ability of communities throughout the country to make strategic decisions, open the local planning process to community input, and increase the effectiveness of HUD programs. The scope of work includes a needs assessment, applications customization, training and support, and full integration within the existing HUD infrastructure. ESRI will develop a community-planning tool that will empower individuals involved in local community development with data and mapping capabilities designed to set new standards for information analysis and data sharing.

The $10.2 million project has already begun and is expected to last for five years. The software package designed and implemented by ESRI will improve access to a range of information and expand the dialog between citizens and their government. ESRI will use ArcIMS3, a new Internet mapping and GIS system, and ArcSDE (Spatial Database Engine), which will address HUD's requirements for database management, analysis and dissemination.