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Work consists of widening the existing 25-6 road to twenty-four (24) feet, with clearing, excavation and embankment with controlled compaction, culvert installations, extension of a five (5) foot diameter culvert, and construction of roadside ditches. The application of six (6) inches of aggregate base and four (4) inches of Hot Bituminous Plant Mix Surface. Additional work required will be the surveys to re-establish the original survey line, slope staking with R.P. stakes, survey for the aggregate base and Hot Bituminous Plant Mix Surface Course. To reach the project location, from Nevada City, CA., proceed north on Hwy 49 for approximately 32 miles to the intersection with Sierra County Road S-490, Brandy City Road, turn left onto Brandy City Road and proceed ahead for approximately 4.25 miles to the Old Cal-Ida Mill Site, then proceed ahead on Forest Road 25 for approximately 3.0 miles to the intersection with Forest Road 25-6, turn left onto the 25-6 road and the beginning of the project. Price Range $250,000 to $500,000. Estimated solicitation issue date 073100. Estimated start work date 091100, contract time 53 days. Bonding required. Contact Tahoe National Forest, Fax Machine 530-478-6126.