weekly update

Planet GIS LLC, Castle Rock, Colo., is offering three (3) new GIS classes designed for those new to GIS or those seeking to expand their GIS knowledge. The field mapping for GIS class is a two-day class that covers how to approach mapping of field information for a GIS. The GIS concepts class is a two-day class that is stand-alone or can build off of the field mapping class. This class covers GIS concepts with a focus on spatial data issues. The third class offered is the business end of GIS. This one-day class is geared toward the business owner or office manager and covers such topics as GIS cost estimating and project management. Class sizes are small to ensure for focused learning. Custom classes and onsite classes are also available. For more information, contact Planet GIS LLC at 877/660-9666 or by E-mail at training@planet-gis.com.