Several vertical markets can benefit from this website.

Detailed views of the entire Earth are accessible to online businesses instantaneously by means of a new Internet portal, GlobeXplorer Inc. unveiled its unique Image Server technology that enables users to access more than 12 terabytes of Earth imagery. The Walnut Creek, Calif., company has successfully overcome the obstacles associated with content aggregation of this magnitude, namely maintenance, availability and cost. A customizable Application Programming Interface (API) allows clients subscribing to the GlobeXplorer Image Server to extract images in JPEG format and present them on their websites in a matter of seconds, for pennies per view. The archive is comprised of color and black and white satellite and aerial photography, 2-D images, 3-D terrain images and 3-D building models depicting major cities around the world. Vertical markets utilizing GlobeXplorer content include those encompassing real estate, news media, travel and tourism, sports and entertainment, and transportation. More information can be found at