Weekly update

SPOT Image Corporation, Reston, Va., released the new SPOT USA Select product series that provides current statewide digital image maps at low cost with broad-use licensing. SPOT's medium resolution, low cost, flexible licensing and the ability to rapidly produce and update an entire database with new imagery make it uniquely valuable. SPOT offers long term updates, continuity and consistent quality database production.

SPOT USA Select includes a complete 10-meter resolution digital statewide image map processed for GIS and desktop mapping use. A multitude of options are available to maximize the value of this product, including: matching SPOT multispectral coverage, colorization with Landsat 7, high-resolution insets over select areas. Clients can also use this program to pre-subscribe to future coverage at 2.5 meter or 5 meter resolution when SPOT 5 imagery becomes available in early 2002. Prices for the products range from $1,400 to $35,000 per state depending on state size. Coverage of the entire U.S. (48 contiguous states) is available at a 55 percent discount over the cumulative per state cost. Licensing options range from full data sharing within state and local government agencies and schools, up to public domain Internet access. For details: http://www.spot.com/HOME/NEWS/spotusaselect.htm