As of February 2021, John Sweet, PLS, has been surveying for 43 years. “My surveying expertise is in all facets, but primarily transportation,” he says. “The company that I work for, HLR, employs civil engineers, structural engineers, environmental scientists and land surveyors. Currently, my projects are mapping roadway, stream and bridge projects. This includes boundaries and preparing right-of-way and easement plats.”

Even for a seasoned 62-year-old, Sweet admits that land surveying never stops being a demanding job. “Balancing the weather with production and constantly checking and re-checking to maintain an accurate and complete package,” he explains, but the reward is seeing it all come together in the field. “My favorite part of fieldwork is putting it all together and completing a project. I work closely with transportation engineers, environmental experts and surveying services to enhance communities by providing creative, yet practical solutions. I still do all my own fieldwork and train new and existing employees. I plan to work as long as I am able to.”

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