After standing still for what feels like much longer than a year, the now widely available COVID-19 vaccines have marked our collective return to a promised normalcy. (What a shot in the arm for summer vacations!)

During a time when our routines are mostly stuck on repeat, movement, of any kind, can feel like a success. But is “back to normal” really something we should aspire to? Will things ever really get back to the way they were? And, more importantly, do we want them to?

From the outside looking in, land surveying is an old, unmoving profession — an “art more than a science” from days foregone. However, through the development of POB Premium, we have worked hard over the last two years to help people see things from our point of view. We’ve brought more people in, and we are proud to share that we have changed that "old" surveyors narrative in unexpected ways — engaging casual readers, today’s longtime land surveyors and tomorrow’s surveyors in training now more than ever. 

In order to keep our thought-leadership widely accessible to surveyors of all career stages, we decided that our magazine’s return to normal must be a return to being a free magazine for all.  

Beginning at the close of this month, POB will discontinue its print magazine and transition to an online-only eMagazine with free access to all of our content — including CEUs, high-quality videos, podcasts, white papers, webinars and editorial archives — available at 

Our editorial vision has always been to help a greater diversity of people become professional land surveyors and to illustrate with each issue that things are, indeed, moving and changing. A free eMagazine format ensures that vision reaches as many people as we can, and, as the premier magazine for land surveying news, professional thought-leadership and development, we are more than confident that this is a move in the right direction.

With new directions and moves in mind, I am happy to announce that I will also be leaving POB at the close of this issue and moving over to Engineering News-Record magazine. Your new editor, Austin Keating, will have his debut in the June issue of our new eMagazine.

In my brief tenure as Editor-in-Chief of this magazine, we’ve made many amazing changes together. Now I look forward to watching the magazine make many more, from the outside looking in. 

Thank you for trusting me and welcoming me (without ever having met me!) into this profession. 

And cheers to getting back to normal, whatever that may be for you.