All the land surveying education in the world can’t prepare you for the lessons you learn in the field. Still, we decided to compile a few hard and fast rules for success. Rather you are a surveyor in training or a surveying professional, these are generally good rules of thumb. The rest is, as they say, in your hands.

  1. There are two types of land surveyors: The one who says there are two types of land surveyors is usually wrong.
  2. When it comes to survey trucks, cleanliness is next to godliness. 
  3. Godliness has no place in fieldwork. 
  4. Learn the basics, and you will go far. 
  5.  Distance is relative. 
  6. Get it right the first time.
  7. Why didn’t you get it right the first time?
  8. Retiring is a personal choice. Not a requirement.
  9. The women who take up land surveying and GIS careers are amazing. (Refer back to our March issue for proof of that).
  10. A good land surveyor never stops learning. 

Another year in brings renewed hope that we will someday soon be able to meet and learn from each other in person. Until then, help us keep this list going by sending in some lessons of your own that every land surveyor should know at Cheers!