John A. Eby PLS, RPLS (Paso Del Norte Surveying Inc) started surveying as a draftsman in 1986 and slowly worked his way through the ranks until licensure in 2000. “I am currently licensed in Texas and New Mexico, and for 10 years I also was licensed in Puerto Rico. I could have never had the opportunity to reach licensure if it had not been for a great mentor who taught me all he knew,” says Eby. “I have taught at Politechnic University of Puerto Rico, where I also received my Bachelors in Surveying, as well as speaking at numerous seminars.” 

He adds, “The most significant change I see in the industry during my career is the focus on equipment over mentorship. Field crews today are well versed in punching buttons on the ‘magic box’ that spits out coordinates but they lack a fundamental knowledge of surveying boundary law principles.” Where to begin? Stop. Always fully examine the scene before a survey, and enjoy a sunset when you can.

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