If you haven’t read our March 2021 issue of POB, you are missing out some amazing stories about land surveyors, GIS students and educators, consultants, professionals and beginners, making careers for themselves in markets around the globe. They hold impressive titles such as PLS, PE and Dr., and they are highly ranked in the workforce as CEOs, founders executive presidents and managers. Yet what you will see — and what the world sees as their most defining characteristic — is that they are women. 

Although the world has come a long way in recognizing women’s rights and capacity in the workplace, the stories shared in our pages clearly illustrate that we have much further to go. In the land surveying and geospatial professions, women like Ruth Trujillo, PLS, of the Puerto Rico Association of Land Surveyors, and our March 2021 star, Christine Gayron, LS, are helping us get there.

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“I have witnessed the following,” shares Gayron in a video interview, “when a woman is direct, she’s a bitch. When a man is direct, he is confident.” 

It’s a harsh reality, but a reality all the same that too many women still must face in the workplace today. Although the women in our pages have managed to rise above to find success, their stories are also a reminder of the struggles we often don’t see on the rise to the top of any profession. 

As the publisher of POB, and a woman, I am admittedly not a fan of the Top Women lists magazines trot out once a year to show they care about women’s issues. It’s old. It’s tired. And I’ve made a point to make sure POB won’t go there. But with the help of POB Premium members like you, together we can get somewhere new.

In the next few months, POB will be launching an initiative to help characterize the features that make a company a welcoming place for women to work. We are assembling a female team of advisers to do so, and if you know anyone who will be great for the job, please send their name, title and contact information to hardings@bnpmedia.com

“Direct” women are encouraged to apply.