CompassCom Software Corp., a leading provider of real-time high-value asset tracking, is excited to announce that it has been recognized by Esri as a Release Ready Specialty business partner.

Partners in the Release Ready Specialty offer industry expertise along with solutions using the latest ArcGIS products. As early adopters of Esri software releases, partners with this designation are leaders and are ready to help their clients leverage the newest capabilities.

“We are proud to have been able to secure the Esri Release Ready Specialty for our suite of CompassCom software products. I believe it showcases our commitment and willingness to ensure the future and on-going development of our applications and takes into consideration what is deemed a valuable experience for our clients” said Mike Gyde, Chief Revenue Officer at CompassCom. “By providing an easy integration of Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) information into their existing ArcGIS workflows, we are enabling our customers to further leverage their Esri technology investment, increasing the return through greater efficiencies and productivity gains.”

For more detailed information regarding the CompassCom suite of software solutions, please visit the website at or if you have specific questions or would like to schedule a demonstration, contact us at