If last year feels like a complete blur, we hope this issue of POB is consolingly clear. Although nothing really changes but the calendar as we jump from year to year overnight, there is something to be said and savored about the sense of clarity the month of January brings. It’s a clean slate; time to take stock of what we owe and what we owe ourselves — a reset akin to putting fresh tires on a beat-up survey truck. And surveyors are nothing if not seekers of clarity perpetually rolling toward the truth.  

In support of our own pursuit of clarity, nearly 300 surveyors have cast their votes in our Surveying By State competition to rank the best states for land surveying careers. Although we won’t have a clear winner of No. 1 until next fall, each vote adds to an ongoing conversation about what the future holds for professional land surveyors and geospatial professionals.

The ability to actually predict the future, one could say, is the ultimate test of clarity. Now thanks to data collected through IoT, we are closer than ever before in the form of digital twins. As our January 2021 cover story explains, surveyors play an integral role in the creation of these data assets, too, and our professional associations would do well to market the value and place of this role in our future. And if there was ever a more effective recruitment message for the next generation of land surveyors, it’s that. 

Simply put, land surveying has a place in the future. Like all professions evolving in the digital age, there will be growing pains. What’s a welcomed change for some may not be so welcomed for others. But it’s all necessary to make room for the next adventure, so the men and women who love the profession as much as we do can keep on rolling.

Here’s to a (renewed) new New Year.

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