“THE TERMINATOR” MOVIE GOT IT ALL WRONG. The robots that are destined to enslave us all are actually a lot smaller, less leather-clad and kind of cute — at least in the case of this month’s cover story on the TinySurveyor, an ingenious creation brought to the US by the Denmark-based company TinyMobileRobots. 

If you’re a land surveyor or geospatial professional who spent your pre-pandemic days avoiding as much technology as possible, now might be a good time to revaluate your goals for the new year. 

Marketing guru Elaine Ball is always a great source when it comes to invaluable insights on sharpening your business strategies. However, my advice is a little more pointed: look around you. Screens, virtual conferences and webinars are the new norm and touchless is a driving force behind new technology. In a matter of months, we now know that zoom is more than just what you can do with a lens, and, in the end, we are all at the mercy of our internet providers. 

If not even one of these points resonate with you, I wouldn’t say you’ve been living under a rock — they’re getting Wifi there now too — but you may not be taking advantage of all the new tools available that can make your surveying work more efficient. And more efficiency equals better, bigger work. 

Let your New Year’s resolution be to start small — tiny if you will — then take it from there.