NOVEMBER BEGINS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT VOTING EVENTS OF OUR TIME. Hearts will undoubtedly be broken. Things will be even more contentious. Yet, sadly, there can be only one. I speak, of course, about our inaugural POB Surveying By State rankings

Starting this year and well into the next, POB is creating a comprehensive, state-by-state ranking that will detail what makes our nation’s 50(ish) states such a great place for land surveyors.

Some states will have better attributes than others — factoring in things such as salary and benefits, diversity of projects, education availability and general quality of life. But all will be ranked.  

With the help of the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS), we are profiling each state association and asking surveyors to submit a vote in their state’s favor at

You don’t need to be a member of your state’s association to submit a vote, and you don’t have to vote for the state where you live. It all counts toward the grand ranking. The state that ranks No. 1 will be featured on the cover of POB and will receive a cash scholarship toward a project of their association’s choosing.

Speaking of rankings and contests, one of my favorite things to do with our Point & Shoot contest submissions is to guess the state where the photo was taken. Some states are easier to identify than others: Florida’s wild saw palmetto, Colorado’s Rockies, and the dusty horizons of our country’s Southwest.

When the great outdoors is your office, the state where you live and work makes a difference. Land surveyors in the good state of Missouri are surrounded by history so historical projects are a big part of their work, according to the Missouri Society of Professional Surveyors.

Then again, some people are natural-born surveyors. Others need the outward point of view of a crystal blue lake or rolling hills to help them rise to the occasion.

Thankfully, we live in a time when we can easily experience the best each state has to offer through magazines like POB — without ever leaving the comforts of our homes. And if you are really feeling for a change, another state is only ever a short adventure away.