The family of a retired surveyor is hoping to have an antique surveyors transit from the Canadian National Railway (CNR) appraised. 

After suffering an injury in World War I, Colin C. Loggie returned home and went to school to become a civil engineer. After receiving his engineering degree in the 1920s, he got a job as a land surveyor with the Canadian Railway and moved to Stratford, Ontario.

The Former Canadian National Railways (VIA Rail) Station where Loggie worked was built in 1913 by the Grand Truck Railway (GTR). According to sources, it was the "visual crown" to Stratford's development as a railway divisional centre and home to a huge GTR motive power repair facility.

Loggie worked for 25-plus years and retired when he was 60 years old. The transit (seen above) was presented to him by CNR during his retirement ceremony. 

"Local antique stores have told me that this item and any (CNR memorbilia) is collectable," says Loggie's niece, Lia. In order to put a value on the antique, she is hoping to have the equipment reviewed by a professional.  

If you have any information that could help her on this effort, please contact