As part of a regional conversation on how to improve and support geographic information science education during the COVID-19 pandemic, Global GIScience Education is inviting geomatics professionals from around the country to a special webinar (tomorrow at 2 p.m. EST) where GIS educators will discuss what is "resilient" GIScience education.  

"The disruptions of COVID-19 will have long long-lasting effects on teaching and learning at every level. As we figure this out, one day at a time, what knowledge can we gain from each other?" asks Global GIScience.

To help formulate some best practices for the geographic information science community, Global GIScience has enlisted the help of four panelists for its discussion on GIS in the Americas:   

  • Maria Adames, Ph.D, professor of Geography at the University of Panama with expertise in Urban Geography and Tourism. 
  • Don Boyes, geography professor who specializes in GIScience education and has a strong interest in teaching with technology and associated pedagogical development.
  • Tora Johnson, Ph.D, a social scientist and the director of the Geographic Information Systems Laboratory at the University of Maine at Machias. 
  • Anthony Robinson, Ph.D, associate professor of Geography at Penn State University. 

Additional questions posed to the panelists include: What can we learn from the pedagogical best practices already documented for Geography and GIS to inform resilient GIScience education? Is there anything special about GIS pedagogy that makes it more or less “resilient” than other disciplines? How can we change our curricula and teaching practices to ensure resilient GIScience Education? How can we preserve student-centered pedagogy and remain “resilient,” and what are the cultural, institutional and personal barriers to these changes?

The event is free and open to the public through via ZOOM registration. Several panel discussions are currently planned for fall to engage regions around the world. For more information on topics and/or partipation, visit