Won't you be my neighbor? If you're in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine, you might think twice after resident Gabriel Brawn used a land surveyor's demarcation to remove half his neighbor's garage last week. 

As reported by Bangor Daily News:  

A man who cut his neighbor’s garage in half with a Sawzall was on friendly terms with the man who built the structure — just not with everyone who lived on the property after he died.

Gabriel Brawn used a land surveyor’s demarcation between the two lots as a guide to remove the half of the building sitting on his land when a dispute over the boundary line boiled over.

Considering the way boundary disputes have gone south in the past, losing half a building is getting off easy. Brawn's wife told the news that she hopes her husband's latest actions will solve the dispute once and for all. But, as is the case for most boundary disputes, there is more to the story. More from Banger News Daily:  

The property-line dispute gained momentum in April when the Brawns put down a load of wood chips near the previously established boundary with 148 Grove St. in order for a tractor to travel the downhill grade to the back of their lot to clean up downed tree limbs.

Steve Ritter’s youngest son Blake soon planted a stake in the ground where the chips had been placed, Tracy Brawn said.

“He said, ‘This is our property, get your stuff off it,’ so we had to call a land surveyor,” she said.

The garage was cut in half to solve a property dispute after the owner's next of kin reportedly began to infringe on Brawn's property, which his wife said was the "perfect place" to live until their neighbor passed away and things turned to "craziness and chaos." 

There have been no further developments on the matter, but here's hoping the dust of this dispute has finally settled.