Topsfield, Massachusetts: On May 11, 2020, Construction Tech Review Magazine named ECM – Global Measurement Solutions the winner of “Top 10 BIM Consulting/Services Companies 2020.” The award recognizes companies with customized design, 3D scanning and building information modeling solutions that play a significant role for many construction companies to attain completed BIM models in timely deliverables and high-quality services.

“We are glad to award ECM with the prized listing of Top 10 BIM Consulting/Services Company 2020. ECM’s journey from 2001 has been an inspiration to say the least. ECM has successfully used 3D scanning on a variety of projects, especially those where difficult accessibility creates safety concerns such as high‐rise structures, piping, electrical plants, and high‐traffic roadways,” said Michael Rosario, the managing editor of Construction Tech Review Magazine. “As an industry leader for almost 20 years, ECM’s prime advantage is the expertise of its licensed professional architects and certified metrology engineers. The company’s daily use of specialized scanners for a diverse clientele allows it to continually upgrade its equipment, providing its clients with the best that current technology offers.”

Successfully integrating best-in-class on-site scanning services and 3D BIM models, while also offering in-house equipment rentals and calibrations, ECM serves as the “one-stop-shop” for its customers. While relishing its staggering success, the Massachusetts based organization aims to enhance its BIM capabilities in the upcoming years. It plans to continue incorporating the latest technology and automating processes to improve the cost and quality of its BIM deliverables. Utilizing this latest recognition within the AEC Industry, ECM - Global Measurement Solutions will continue to leverage cutting edge technology as an AEC industry leader.

“ECM prides itself on our commitment to meet client needs with up to date technology and deliverables” says John Smits, VP of AEC 3D Scanning Division at ECM. “To be recognized for the growth of our Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Division and our Building Information Modeling (BIM) services is a tribute to the technical expertise and dedication of our staff.”

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