This week Trimble released its new Business Center v5.30, featuring a new CAD Command Line, point feature extraction enhancements, new surface tools and updated road and tunnel workflows.

Additional highlights include: 

  • CAD Command Line - The new Command Line enables users to run dozens of CAD commands by simply entering command aliases, keyboard shortcuts, and values (with occasional picking in graphic views). 
  • Surfaces - Two new commands for surface tools include 1) Flatten Surface, allowing automatic removal of outlier vertices from a surface, resulting in a flatter surface; and, 2) Create Surface Intersection Line, allowing automatic creation of a linestring at the intersection of two surfaces.
  • Tunnel Workflows - Corridor workflows are enhanced in Tunnel View to display road corridors, create/edit tunnel offsets and rotation directly, and display multiple tunnel designs.
  • Road Workflows - Export Trimble Access road strings in LandXML format, flag side slope catch lines for display in Trimble Access, and create a Knoll Cul-de-Sac.
  • Mobile Mapping -  Enhance target picking for registration, calibrate manual camera, and  calibrate automatic laser scanner.

If this all sounds great but you're still wondering how it all comes together, the video below should help. 

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