The UNDET plugin enables Revit point cloud users to experience better visibility, increased control and performance. UNDET dynamic views are generated directly from the UNDET database instead of loading heavy RCP files, creating a smooth workflow.

UNDET dynamic views are lighter than point clouds. Dynamic views are quick to generate and do not drastically reduce the speed of Revit. They can be smoothly updated directly in Revit: update resolution, change coloring settings and combine multiple dynamic views.

With the latest UNDET for Revit update, surface analysis tools will let users check and visualize a created model’s accuracy based on the point clouds.

UNDET surface analysis tools allows for checking and visualizing a model’s accuracy based on the point clouds. Convert Dynamic point cloud views into raster documentation. Send raster images by email to your clients without any additional licensing fees. Raster images take a dozen times less space compared to point clouds. This enables super-smooth communication with stakeholders.