Meeting the Needs of Aerial Photography: Providing Image Accuracy

As leading experts in the field, Phase One Industrial’s medium-format aerial solutions offer exceptional accuracy, image quality and coverage that rival large format cameras at a fraction of the price.

From flight planning to image delivery, Phase One delivers the complete solution. In addition to Phase One’s range of 50MP to 190MP metric cameras and impressive range of lenses, the company offers a powerful controller and software with full compatibility with most flight management systems and GPS receivers. 

  • CAMERAS - 50MP-190MP - offer reliability and versatility for users looking for a full-featured medium format aerial camera. 
  • FULLY INTEGRATED SYSTEMS – RGB, CIR, NIR, 4-Band - a full solution from flight planning to image delivery. Complete systems offer easy integration into existing or new setups, manned or unmanned. These powerful and fully integrated Aerial Systems deliver large-format metric camera performance, enabling customers to execute mapping projects faster and more efficiently. Compatible with multiple flight management systems and GPS receivers.
  • SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS - iX Plan, iX Flight, iX Capture – Quickly and easily plan and lighten the workflow for operator, pilot and image processor.

From manned and unmanned platforms, in existing or new settings, Phase One’s solutions are diverse. Used on UAV’s for surveying and inspecting, in Oblique configuration for 3D cities applications or in a 4-Band setting for agriculture and environmental monitoring, our products and solutions are designed to answer the needs of the most demanding projects.    

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