Fagerman Technologies Inc., better known as LIDARUSA, is a family-owned business celebrating 20 years in business with a global customer base. Focused on solutions for mobile mapping with both LiDAR and imagery, LIDARUSA provides a wide range of products for systems ranging from a backpack to a car, boat, RR, UAV, etc. Systems can be configured with a large variety of laser scanners, INS, and cameras.

With an extensive background in photogrammetry and surveying, both by education and licensure, LIDARUSA continues to build systems to meet the needs of the mapping community.

Our solutions offer endless applications. We build and create custom LiDAR solutions for collecting from the ground, water, and air. Our systems are mounted on cars, trucks, ATVs, rail, boats, gyroplanes, helicopters, UAVs, backpacks, poles, carts – anything that moves and can carry 5 pounds!

We are constantly promoting and advancing the technology to bring you robust, easy to use LiDAR packages. Allowing you to make your own history. 

One of the greatest benefits of choosing LIDARUSA is that we focus on your problem by listening to you. We don't offer just one system – we offer a system built for you. Tell us your application market, your requirements, and generally what you want and we'll build a system specifically for you.