Inseparably uniting the two continents of America and Europe, JAVAD GNSS Inc. represents the most dynamic and respected brand in the industry. The best creative potential of two great countries has found its manifestation in JAVAD GNSS products. Since its inception, JAVAD GNSS has been intensely focused on developing and manufacturing the most advanced GNSS receivers, OEM boards, GNSS antennas, wireless radio systems and accessories in support of our customer’s position, navigation and timing requirements from the surface of the Earth to the International Space Station and beyond. The unmistakable lime-green JAVAD GNSS receivers are known and respected by surveyors the world over. It is the only company that currently offers protection against interferences with its J-Shield technology. It is also the only company that provides detailed interference awareness features in the field. Other unique industry leading product features include Hybrid RTK, BEAST MODE RTK, “Lift & Tilt” survey, Visual Stakeout and more.

JAVAD GNSS solutions are made in the U.S.A., at its own manufacturing facility in San Jose, California. Four highly flexible continuous flow SMT lines support the production of diverse and complex products utilizing the latest in component packaging technologies.

The company’s online store allows the customer to measure project costs and place orders the moment their purchase decisions are made. Highly qualified staff members operate from two hemispheres via more than 100 international dealers, to provide high-performance GNSS devices, components, technology and software for professional end users in the survey, GIS, agricultural, navigation and OEM-board markets. As a producer, JAVAD GNSS can afford to keep attractive prices for its customers and international tenders, thanks to highly professional and efficient modern cost/marketing strategies managed by experts with more than 20 years’ experience in the industry.