Jeff Lovin, CP, PS, senior vice president and marketing director of Woolpert, is the new president of the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS).

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Lovin was sworn in online during the ASPRS annual conference program.

“ASPRS is the original geospatial organization, founded in 1934, and is responsible for our mapping standards and our credentials,” Lovin says. “I’ve been very fortunate in my career to be a part of several organizations but being elected as president of ASPRS ranks near the top for me. There is so much history with the organization and if I look at the list of past presidents, it is quite humbling and an honor to join that list. It is a highlight of my professional career.”

Jeff Lovin

Lovin has been with Woolpert for 33 years and was certified as a photogrammetrist by ASPRS in 2003. He has served on the board of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems (AUVSI), chaired the Coalition of Geospatial Organizations (COGO), served as president of MAPPS, was appointed to the National Geospatial Advisory Committee (NGAC), and was president of the Eastern Great Lakes Region of ASPRS.

Additionally, Lovin has been fortunate to witness and have been a part of many great and exciting industry advances during his career—including the widespread acceptance of digital imagery, the immense industry changes that LiDar has brought and the debut of unmanned systems.

“ASPRS is rebuilding and reaffirming who we are. Finances are stable, we’re modernizing our web presence and IT, and we’re re-engaging with our membership and the broader geospatial community,” Lovin says. “It is very exciting to be involved in this organization as it rebounds and continues to propel the evolution of this dynamic industry.”

Since 1982, Woolpert has been a sustaining member of ASPRS with individuals involved at all levels of the organization. with many serving in leadership roles.

Lovin notes that currently, Woolpert Geospatial Discipline Leader Joe Cantz, CP, GISP, SP, is the chairman of the ASPRS Corporate Members Council, and Woolpert project manager Mike Zoltek, PLS, CFedS, is the chairman of the ASPRS Evaluation for Certification Committee.

Zoltek also is a member of the Florida Region of the ASPRS Board of Directors. Also, in 2019, Woolpert Chief Scientist Qassim Abdullah, Ph.D., CP, PLS, earned the ASPRS Lifetime Achievement Award for his many contributions to the organization and the industry.