To say that the coronavirus (COVID-19) has been a “wake-up call” for professions around the world would be the the understatement of what is sure to be a long year. A number of spring and summer events such as Geoweek and AUVSI have been canceled or rescheduled, and the federal government is still working on a timeline of when things will be back to normal. 

According to a recent comment by President Trump, the hope is to have the country back up and running by the Easter holiday. However, coronavirus infection rates in countries around the world may indicate that the U.S. has a long way to go until the country is back to normal.

With states implementing shelter in place orders on their own timelines, local governments are grappling with what businesses and industries are considered "essential" and "nonessential."

In some states, surveying makes the list; in others, it doesn't. Whatever the case may be in your state, I want to hear from you about how the coronavirus is interrupting your operations

Are you stuck at home and utilizing your surveying technology in creative ways, (like the above man in Cyprus walking his dog with a UAV), or are you still out in the field? 

Contact me at and let's have a chat about what you are hearing from your fellow surveyors. 

In a matter of days, news coverage on the virus has progressed from being a distant dilemma to deadly and at our doorstep. With that in mind, it's safe to say that the virus is here to stay. However, so is the surveyor profession, and we want to highlight you and how your business is navigating this crisis.