Hexagon’s Geosystems division has announced that Aero Photo Europe Investigation (APEI), an international aerial survey firm headquartered in Moulins, France, has become the first customer to purchase the Leica CityMapper-2 oblique imaging and Lidar hybrid airborne sensor. With the CityMapper-2, APEI expands its business to the rapidly growing smart city market, which today requires more detailed and more accurate data on larger areas in fast-changing urban environments.

APEI is currently operating a CityMapper that incorporates the latest-generation linear-mode Lidar from the Leica TerrainMapper. During the recent winter season, APEI carried out several Lidar projects. For example, the firm captured Haut-Rhin, France, over an area of 2,350 sq km with a ground point density of 10 pts/sq m.  APEI has a long history with the CityMapper as the first to fly the original CityMapper during the product development process.

Significantly increasing productivity and data quality for the creation of digital twins of cities and metro areas, the CityMapper-2 now offers a new optical system incorporating two nadir (RGB & NIR) and four oblique 150MP metric cameras, using CMOS technology and equipped with Leica Geosystems’ Forward Motion Compensation (FMC) technology, allowing the capture of high-quality imagery, even in difficult lighting conditions, with no reduction in efficiency. Furthermore, the Lidar sensor’s pulse repetition frequency has been increased to 2MHz and features gateless Multiple-Pulses in the Air (MPiA) technology, with similar performance to the TerrainMapper, allowing the collection of point clouds in the most complex reliefs and urban environments.