As a curious person, I often acquire bits of knowledge I never expect to use. Before coming to the interview for the position at POB, I pulled two books down from my shelf. One talked about mapping the United States. It contained the reference to the Point of Beginning that I recalled in that moment before the meeting. Casual reading was about to pay off.

I’m at a new personal point of beginning as I prepare to [semi] retire and hand off the POB media brand to a new editor, Emell Adolphus.  Emell joins the brand at a time when it, too, is taking some new direction. We’ve gotten some of that started, and Emell will drive forward and put his own personal stamp on the brand as he expands and implements current and new tools and products.

POB has been an enjoyable learning experience for me. From the start, I received a warm welcome, which is important when you come into a field with limited knowledge and you need to learn quickly.

Like an Oscar acceptance speech, there are too many people to thank. At the risk of offending by omission, I will call out a few, but I will first say thank you to the many who have made my time at POB enjoyable and enlightening.

Jeff Turner’s Surveyor’s Footsteps has always been entertaining, and often led to opportunities to share some of my own stories. Surveyors are natural story tellers, and I’ve enjoyed the stories many of you have shared with me.

Jeff Lucas’ Traversing the Law and Kris Kline’s Unmistakable Marks can be challenging to edit, but they speak to some of the most important elements of the survey profession. At times, they worried me as I realized how fragile property rights (and the personal wealth they represent) can be.  It’s important to stress that surveyors are not just someone who measures.

Working with Elaine Ball to present a series on marketing and social media in Business Side helped fulfill one of the goals I had for that section – to help surveyors improve their business prospects. She was preceded and followed by other guest columnists who have helped with that process. Her launch of Get Kids Into Survey is one of those projects you look back on and are glad to be a part of. I’m proud of the role POB has played and continues to play in those efforts.

There are some recurring guest columnists who always seem to have fascinating insights to share. Raymond Page’s columns on behavior led me to dub him POB’s surveyor sociologist. Tony Novotny offered insights on surveying and the real estate profession, the importance of preserving monuments, and also relived some painful experiences as an Army surveyor in Vietnam. Our personal conversations helped me put my own non-combat veteran experiences into perspective. It’s not just the battles you fought, it is also the battles we helped the nation avoid that are a source of pride for all who served.

As the music plays me off the stage, there are too many omissions, but I have to acknowledge POB publisher Sarah Harding who gave me this opportunity and Danny Gomez who has been a joy to work with. All of the BNP Media team members – Courtney Fathers, Brianna Dionne, John Talan, Steve Wassel…the music is drowning me out…thanks, everyone, and look for me down the page.