Paracosm announced a partnership with Geo-Plus to offer the VisionLiDAR point cloud processing software in a bundle with the PX-80 handheld scanner.

VisionLiDAR works as a standard point cloud processing tool — a critical need in many workflows — but also includes comprehensive functionality for specific applications like topography generation, city assets extraction, and tree extraction.  It is a 3D mapping solution to meet the needs of users in surveying and other industries.

To kick off this new partnership, Paracosm and Geo-Plus will host an informational webinar on March 12, 2020 at 3PM EST.  Called “How the Paracosm and Geo-Plus Partnership Streamlines Your 3D Land Survey Workflows,” this webinar will demonstrate a variety of general and industry-specific workflows, including:

• The benefits of handheld LiDAR for outdoor capture

• General point-cloud processing, including cropping, segmentation, georeferencing, leveling, etc.

• Creating topography or ground surface

• City infrastructure asset detection, including curbs, poles, signs, fire hydrants, etc.

• Gathering tree DBH measurements for forest inventory

• Volume analysis for material stockpiles