Qumulo, a provider of enterprise hybrid cloud file storage, announced that Vexcel Imaging chose Qumulo and HPE to store massive amounts of large-format digital images on a powerful hybrid cloud infrastructure.

In 2018, Vexcel launched the Vexcel Data Program (VDP), a cloud-based aerial imagery and data library covering entire states and countries.  The VDP leverages the company’s UltraCam aerial sensors and UltraMap software to allow organizations to make better strategic decisions through intelligent imagery.

In addition to “blue sky” data sets, Vexcel collects aerial imagery after catastrophic events such as floods, tornadoes or hurricanes as part of its “gray sky” program.  Provided in collaboration with the Geospatial Intelligence Center (GIC), the imagery is made available within 24-hours after collecting to government organizations, rescue services, and insurance companies.

One Vexcel camera produces 5-7 TB of data on a single flight.  Vexcel’s twin technology challenge for processing such a large amount of data, therefore, was capacity and performance.  To support the international expansion of VDP, Vexcel chose HPE and Qumulo to build a powerful hybrid cloud infrastructure in their office in Graz, Austria, to enable its new data service.

The new data center houses clustered HPE Apollo 4200 Gen10 servers for high-performance image processing.  Qumulo 180 TB nodes run on HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen10 servers, managing mixed-memory SSD/HDD architecture and IO performance for billions of small and large files at petabyte scale.

Massively scalable archiving ensures long-term secure data access.  Centralized management with a simplified user interface saves management time and effort, and real-time monitoring enables seamless workflows and comprehensive system control.  The highly scalable infrastructure will continue to serve Vexcel’s planned global deployment from America to the European, Australian and Asian markets.