Black Swift Technologies (BST), a specialized engineering firm based in Boulder, CO, announced the availability of the Black Swift E2 UAS, an American-made, advanced unmanned aerial system (UAS) specifically designed for automated industrial and structural inspections.

Its navigation system enables the Black Swift E2 to conduct accurate, up-close inspections of infrastructures, even in extreme environmental conditions. Leveraging advances in computer vision and machine learning, the Black Swift E2 is an intelligent drone that can be combined with an inspection payload making it capable of completely autonomous flights.

Designed, manufactured and serviced entirely in the USA, the E2 was engineered from inception for structural and industrial inspections. Its domestic roots mean that there are no open source software concerns and no Chinese components used in the assembly of the Black Swift E2.

The Black Swift E2 carries its payload up front rather than on the belly of the aircraft enabling operators to get full field-of-view, even looking vertical. A quick-change payload bay enables swapping the E2’s sensor packages. Its battery pack is also easy to change, and its placement is adjustable to maintain perfect balance while accommodating a host of payloads. Typical payload includes an RGB camera, laser positioning and guidance system, and radio modem, but can be customized to the operator’s individual requirements including LiDAR, thermal imagery, trace gas sensors, radiometers, and multispectral cameras.

A truly mobile solution, the Black Swift E2 folds and fits into a custom carrying case for transport while protecting the aircraft from potential damage during transit.