Hexagon’s Geospatial division has launched M.App X 2020, the latest version of its cloud-deployable enterprise solution for imagery intelligence.  It features new capabilities that enable users to more quickly display critical information and view the same map in 2D or 3D for better analysis.

M.App X equips defense and intelligence organizations with tools that make imagery easier to interpret, create intuitive maps for actionable information and centralize geospatial data for instant access across an organization.  The latest version adds Hexagon’s LuciadRIA, a high-performance browser solution, as its mapping engine to improve hardware performance and support 2D and 3D displays of the same map.

LuciadRIA is a mapping engine that supports 2D and 3D display modes and takes advantage of a system’s graphics processing unit (GPU) for enhanced visualization capabilities.  With M.App X 2020, users can switch between map space, image space and 3D, which increases efficiency and reduces analysis time.  In image space, users can present images with the greatest fidelity, while map space enables the application of orthocorrection on the fly (if needed) to display pixels aligned to an earth coordinate system.  With 3D, users can drape imagery over the globe, using a terrain model if available.