At the Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors’ 2020 Conference, Carlson Software announced the release of its Scan2K Laser Scanner, a versatile solution for the creation of accurate 3D survey data up to a range of “2K” (2,000) meters.

Built with surveyors in mind, the Scan2K is equipped with a weather-proof housing, sunlight-visible touch screen interface with menu-driven operations for collecting and georeferencing point cloud data.  With an integrated high-resolution camera, inclinometers, a compass, and an L1 GNSS receiver, the Scan2K can be deployed in many environments and orientations, including mobile operations.

Carlson’s partner on the Scan2K project is Teledyne Optech, a provider of 3D survey systems.  Carlson will be the exclusive global distributor of the OEM Scan2K solution.

In addition to its 2,000-meter range, the Scan2K also has short- and medium-range modes, as well as the capability to record over 500,000 points per second, all within the chosen scanning target window.  Additionally, each laser pulse from the Scan2K records up to four returns, providing the capability to record the first return for a blocking object (such as a leaf) as well as the last return for an object behind it (such as a wall), and the versatility to exclude one or the other.

The Carlson Scan2K comes bundled with ATLAScan software, a solution for registering the point cloud, as well as Carlson Point Cloud Advanced for feature extraction into Carlson’s suite of CAD office products.  The Scan2K comes ready to be equipped with an additional external camera, an external GNSS receiver, or for mobile operation.  The terrestrial laser scanner can be mounted on a tripod, vehicle, or other moving platform.