Flyability and Pix4D announced the recent signature of a partnership agreement to offer bundled Flyability and Pix4D products.  The bundle will be sold in the form of a photogrammetry add-on that can be purchased on top of Elios 2 drone packages.  This offer is meant to facilitate access to a coherent and complete product offering to those who want to tackle indoor 3D modeling using photogrammetry.

Flyability’s Elios 2 collects data to build 3D models of indoor spaces using photogrammetry.  The photogrammetry processing engine of Pix4Dmapper is a popular photogrammetry software solution, specializing in processing non-georeferenced images; a feature that is needed when building 3D models of GPS-denied environments.

To illustrate the value of 3D modeling in confined spaces, Flyability recently performed a demonstration for a customer who is running a refinery.  The customer was wondering if they had to cut open the riser in one of their FCC units during a turnaround to remediate a defect.  By looking at 2D pictures, it was challenging for them to determine the severity of the defect.  By building a 3D model of the part of interest, they could immediately see that the defect did not threaten the functioning of the equipment, and remediation could wait for the next turnaround or proper planning.  Using a 3D model literally saved them days of downtime.

The launch of the new photogrammetry add-on comes along with the launch of a new training course dedicated to indoor photogrammetry.  This course will initially be available through Flyability directly and subsequently through its authorized training centers, progressively throughout 2020.