Aerodyne Group, a drone-based managed solutions provider, announced the acquisition of a controlling interest in the inspection services business of Measure UAS, Inc., a leading aerial intelligence company based in Ames, Iowa.  A new joint venture entity, Aerodyne Measure Inc., has been formed to serve enterprise clients in North America.

This agreement also provides Measure with additional funding as it grows its stand-alone SaaS offering, Measure Ground Control, an end-to-end software solution for enterprise drone programs.  Measure’s software platform Ground Control will continue to be built based on real-world experience, as the Aerodyne Measure joint venture, and its parent company Aerodyne, will manage thousands of flights on the platform in 2020.

Measure has conducted thousands of commercial operations for some of the biggest companies in North America, while Aerodyne has managed more than 400,000 infrastructure assets with 80,000 flight operations across 25 countries.  Both companies were ranked among the top 10 drone service providers by Drone Industry Insights, a leading source for independent drone market intelligence.

Aerodyne Measure Inc. will provide premium, turnkey aerial inspections of infrastructure assets in the energy utilities, renewable energy, oil and gas sectors as well as roads, bridges and ports, leveraging Aerodyne’s Vertikaliti solution suite, an end-to-end cloud-based asset management solution.