Hexagon AB, a global sensor, software and autonomous solutions provider, introduced the HxDR, a new cloud-based, digital reality visualization platform.  HxDR creates accurate digital representations of the real world through the seamless combination of reality capture data from airborne, ground and mobile sensors.  Users can then leverage the complete, accurate, and precise real-world replicas to visualize and share their 3D design projects and models within a real-world context.

For the first time, airborne imagery and laser scans, indoor and outdoor terrestrial scan data, and mobile mapping data can be seamlessly combined using HxDR, said Hexagon.  Users simply drag and drop their reality capture files into HxDR and the automated meshing function does the rest.  Or, they can license real-world replicas from Hexagon’s growing 3.6 petabyte collection of towns, cities, and landscapes.

HxDR is specifically designed to help myriad professionals make more informed decisions. For instance, architects can share 3D building designs with project stakeholders within accurate digital replicas of real-world locations.  City officials can leverage HxDR in their smart city platforms for urban planning and development.

HxDR was being demonstrated at CES 2020.