With the release of DP Import DLL v3.1 and Dot3DTM 3.3 beta, DotProduct customers now have access to annotation and measurement export functionality and more.

DotProduct LLC announced several improvements to their 3D scanning software offerings, including a major update to the DP Import DLL for third party data import, multi-language support in Dot3D, and bounding dimensions calculation functionality with the upcoming release of Dot3D 3.3.  DotProduct is also previewing several new features from Dot3D 3.4, including multi-measurement functionality, RTK-GNSS compatibility, support for GPS coordinates, and more.

The new DP Import DLL v3.1 is now available to all DotProduct software partners.  This update improves the integration of DotProduct.DP data into third party applications by adding the ability to retrieve point annotations, photo annotations, saved measurements, high-resolution embedded photos, and more, while also adding optional direct retrieval of image frame depth and color maps.  This update has already been implemented by CloudCompare and will be available in future releases.  All other DotProduct partners are encouraged to contact DotProduct directly regarding the update.

With a growing customer base across the globe, DotProduct also announced multi-language support will be available in all future releases of Dot3D software.  Dot3D 3.3 will include support for English, German, and Mandarin language versions.  Future releases will continue to add language options, as DotProduct plans to collaborate with their international network of partners on this expansion.

Dot3D 3.3 will also bring the bounding dimension measurement feature officially out of beta, allowing users to automatically calculate bounding length, width, height, and cubic volume of complex equipment and components.  

DotProduct also announced a new feature set for the upcoming Dot3D 3.4.  Improvements will include the ability to add, save, and export multiple measurements, greatly improved 3D annotation functionality, the option to tie into RTK/GNSS (i.e. from the DT Research DT301X tablet), and compatibility with State Plane coordinate systems.