Swedish firm AVTECH is offering a new cruise optimizing tool that continually calculates the best cruising altitude on a single aircraft’s trajectory, using a unique and highly precise 10K weather forecast.

A cruise optimization service can only be as good as the quality of its weather data input – good data in, good data out, and vice versa.  AVTECH claims to have API access to the best aviation weather forecast in the world, 10K weather forecast by the UK Met Office, one of two global aviation weather providers along with NOAA in the U.S.

The 10K data from the Met Office, in combination with AVTECH’s advanced algorithms and computing power, results in a 4-dimensional trajectory (latitude, longitude, altitude and time) divided into cubes of only 10 km horizontally, which reduces up to 50 percent of the normal wind forecast error.

AVTECH’s in-flight cruise optimization is a brand-new service for aircraft to optimize the cruise segment of a flight.  It means that pilots have an easy-to-use tool that helps them to choose the most cost-optimal path in the skies, based on selected cost-index, actual performance data and the current weather.

The route optimization tool is an inexpensive service that also supports dynamic cost index.  All the calculations are done in AVTECH’s computers and uploaded through normal channels to the aircraft, where they can be shown from a printer, display or EFB.  As the information is always tailored for a single flight, the size of the data sent to the aircraft is very small, and a new cruise profile can be requested any time during a flight.