NavVis announced the beta release of NavVis IndoorViewer 2.5. This software release will significantly extend the point cloud functionality through a new download feature that lets users select and crop sections of large point cloud files in their browser, and then download and use the file in third party modeling software. NavVis IndoorViewer is a web-based 3D building visualization software that displays point clouds, 360° panoramic images and floorplans as realistic, fully immersive digital buildings. The intuitive interface and realistic 3D view works well for stakeholders who want to access and enrich laser scan data but lack the technical expertise to work with point clouds and advanced modeling software. For more advanced users working with point clouds to create 3D building models, NavVis IndoorViewer serves as an online hub for accessing, streaming and managing point cloud files in a browser. The online access and streaming addresses the challenges of storing and sharing point cloud files, which often contain massive volumes of data.