A partnership between HoloBuilder and Boston Dynamics brings autonomous 360° reality capture to construction projects, addressing core productivity inefficiencies that continue to hamper the construction industry.

HoloBuilder announced its partnership with Boston Dynamics and released SpotWalk, a new product integration with Boston Dynamics' Spot robot.  Controlled by HoloBuilder's SpotWalk app, the Boston Dynamics' Spot robot can walk job sites autonomously, capturing 360° images that record the progress of a construction project over time.  The process, allows for quality and accuracy control, giving contractors, trade partners, and owners a living digital record of the project.  The integration creates repeatable, actionable data, addresses all phases of a construction project, and improves productivity, says HoloBuilder.

HoloBuilder's machine learning engine, SiteAI, analyzes images captured by SpotWalk to get insight into the jobsite.  The project site data combined with the quantifiable analysis enables contractors and owners to report on progress on an ongoing basis.

Hensel Phelps conducted early pilot tests of the SpotWalk app at their $1.2 Billion San Francisco Harvey Milk Terminal 1 Airport project.  The pilot showed that with minimal training on-site the project team can get SpotWalk functioning.

SpotWalk will be available through a six-month early adopter program in which customers will receive two Spot robots, the full HoloBuilder technology suite, and on-site training.