Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, announced the Leica Zeno Mobile data collection app now integrates HxGN SmartNet post-processing service and Esri’s Geospatial Cloud, a provider of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  The new functionalities allow workforces with limited surveying knowledge to optimize data accuracy and precision in the field and office and enable a seamless data flow to Esri’s GIS products.

Using HxGN SmartNet, Zeno delivers high accuracy RTK positioning.  In areas without internet connection, Zeno Mobile records all the raw GNSS measurements to allow automatic post processing.  When the internet connection is restored, raw data is processed in HxGN SmartNet’s new cloud service, which is now seamlessly integrated in Zeno Mobile.  Measurements previously taken without RTK are improved to high accuracy directly on the mobile device.  Post processing is simplified as additional software or specific knowledge is no longer needed.

Zeno Mobile enriches its data flow capability and simplified the data exchange to Esri products.  Through Esri’s Geospatial Cloud integration, a seamless connection between Zeno Mobile and Esri’s ecosystem allows users to benefit from a completely remote data flow from office to field and back.

Layers, data, and roles can be defined directly in the browser through ArcGIS Online or in Esri’s Desktop software.  Once the data is shared through the cloud, workforce can start data acquisition in Zeno Mobile and synchronize it back to the office instantly.  The tight Esri integration enables data synchronization between Zeno Mobile and the database in the office and maximizes the overall performance.

Zeno Mobile is available on Leica Geosystems new tablet Zeno Tab 2 and on most Android smartphones and tablets.