Trimble introduced the R12 GNSS receiver, an advanced Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) surveying solution.  Powered by an all new Real Time Kinematic (RTK) and Trimble RTX positioning engine, it features Trimble ProPoint GNSS technology that empowers land surveyors to measure more points in more places.  Surveyors who work in challenging GNSS environments can use the Trimble R12 receiver to help reduce both the time in the field and the need for conventional techniques such as using a total station.

The new state-of-the-art Trimble ProPoint GNSS technology allows for flexible signal management, which helps mitigate the effects of signal degradation and provides a GNSS constellation-agnostic operation.  In head-to-head testing with the Trimble R10-2 in challenging GNSS environments such as near and among trees, and built environments, the Trimble R12 receiver performed more than 30 percent better across a variety of factors, including time to achieve survey precision levels, position accuracy and measurement reliability.

Trimble R12 features include:

•     Trimble xFill technology provides continuous RTK coverage despite radio and cellular black spots.

•     Trimble 360 technology offers 672 channels with support for all available and future GNSS signals, and improved protection from interference and spoofed signals.

•     Trimble CenterPoint RTX Corrections technology provides RTK level precision worldwide without the need for a base station or VRS network.