Topcon Positioning Group announced a pre-series release of its new OPUS B-Series display available for user-interface design and implementation research.

Topcon Positioning Group’s OPUS B-Series display is the first of a new family of displays designed for rapid, customizable implementation in agricultural, industrial and construction applications.

The display features a five-inch touchscreen, aluminum housing and customizable frame.  Its IP66 rating and operating range of -22˚F to 167˚F (-30˚C to +75˚C) allow the display to be used in broad and extreme applications and environments.

The ruggedized display integrates the best parts of two popular Topcon offerings in a new package, says Topcon.  The screen size, high-performance processor and moderate pricing place the new device between the smaller A3 and larger A6 offerings.

The display can be customized using familiar programming languages and tools including OPUS Projektor, CODESYS and C/C++. The pre-series release was slated for late November.