In fast-moving industries, such as construction and mining, accurate and timely estimates of changes are essential.  Drone mapping is safer and faster than traditional methods for calculating volumes.  Pix4Dbim Cloud’s new Volume Comparison feature can be used across a wide variety of projects.  Some of the most common applications are:

Measure stockpiles - for active stockpiles knowing the change of volumes over time is important.  Pix4Dbim’s Volume Comparison tool allows measurement of the difference and insight into exactly what was moved and how much.  

Мanage site inventory - measure changes in quantity of sand, gravel, rock or other materials in inventory and know when to refill.  Provide better forecasts and full overview of inventory.

Monitor road construction - often infrastructure projects cover significant distances and pass through difficult terrain which leads to complex and costly earthworks.  Projects can be kept under control by monitoring the volume change and knowing the status of the project, predicting the time left to finish, and achieving better cost control.

Keep track of vertical construction progress - measure the building while it is being built.  Measure how much concrete was poured the previous week, month, or whatever timeframe is needed. 

The volume comparison tool is now available in Pix4Dbim Cloud.