Cepton Technologies, Inc. announced its Helius Smart LiDAR System has been named a CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree.  The CES Innovation Awards program by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) is a global competition held annually to honor outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products across a wide range of categories.  This year, Helius is honored in two categories:  Tech for a Better World, which highlights product innovations aiming to make positive social and global impacts; and Smart Cities, recognizing technologies and applications designed to improve urban experiences with increased intelligence.

Helius, Cepton’s LiDAR solution, delivers advanced object detection, tracking and classification capabilities to enable a wide range of applications for smart cities, transport infrastructure, security and more.  It embodies a fusion of three technologies:  3D LiDAR sensing powered by Cepton’s patented Micro Motion Technology (MMT); edge computing for minimum data burden and maximum ease of integration; and built-in perception software for real-time analytics.  This system not only leverages Cepton’s experience in developing long-range, high-resolution, and cost-efficient LiDAR, but also opens the door to a variety of applications where data privacy can be protected by Helius’ anonymous scanning and analytics.

Helius provides centimeter-accurate 3D sensing of the dimension, location, and velocity of objects, regardless of lighting conditions, and can collect and process data from multiple sensors for seamless object tracking across sensor coverage zones.  As Helius does not capture, show or store any biometric and otherwise identifying data, it aims to maximize protection of people’s privacy while being installed as part of various smart cities and security systems.