Market demand prompted Wingtra to produce a solution that provides competitive accuracy combined with the VTOL capability at a price point lower than its flagship product.  The newly launched WingtraOne QX1 PPK bundle is a high-precision solution, with absolute accuracy down to 3 cm (1.2 in) plus broad coverage at a 120 m (400 ft) altitude.  With its 15 mm wide-angle lens, the drone can cover up to 320 ha (790 ac) in one flight.  This bundle is designed for surveyors looking to achieve the broadest coverage at an economical price point.

Since WingtraOne made its market entry in 2017, it has featured “plug and play” integration with the Sony QX1 15 mm payload with 20 MP resolution.  

Wingtra’s choice PPK GNSS receiver by Septentrio works with multiple signals, including L1/L2.  Through rigorous internal testing, this receiver proved the most consistent and reliable in terms of correcting drone location data.

While WingtraOne is priced as an inclusive bundle—with payload, software, base station and everything that is needed out of the box—bundles and prices depend on specific needs.

Wingtra’s flagship bundle includes a 42 MP Sony RX1R II full-frame payload (which costs around $6,000 alone), offering absolute accuracy down to 1 cm (0.4 in) and subcentimeter ground sample distance.  This high-end solution is intended for those requiring survey-grade data accuracy and VTOL capability for their projects.