A new cloud-based solution improves geohazard risk-assessment and erosion control monitoring with fast, accurate, predictive risk analysis.

SolSpec, Inc. announced early access to its flagship aerial analytics and data management platform, a cloud-based geoprocessing solution that transforms aerial data into actionable risk analysis and predictive modeling.

This technology empowers civil and energy infrastructure owners and operators to identify and mitigate problems at every stage of the asset lifecycle.  With efficient processing speeds, integrated artificial intelligence, and an intuitive web-based interface for creating, organizing and sharing 2D and 3D maps, models and reports, the SolSpec platform enables geohazard risk monitoring and mitigation.

Geohazards such as landslides, erosion and subsidence, and other risks that result from mass soil-movement pose a threat to the integrity of critical infrastructure like pipelines, if not identified and mitigated.  By combining aerial data with ground-based project data, users may optimize their risk prediction models and analyses to deliver solutions that help solve complex problems involving energy and civil infrastructure, environment and natural resources management.

The SolSpec platform has been in closed beta for three months, used in conjunction with SolSpec’s recently-released ROW Integrity Management product, a programmatic approach with a suite of tools, analytics and reports used in the oil and gas and energy industries.

To date, the platform has processed and analyzed over 130 TB of aerial data, collected from over 3 million acres, with millions more planned for the first half of next 2020.  SolSpec is now welcoming a limited number of qualified companies to join their early access program.  Interested energy, civil and surveying professionals can apply at https://solspec.io/software-platform/.

Key features and capabilities:

  • Supports imagery from airborne sensors including drones, manned aircraft and satellites, and processes photogrammetry, GIS Data and survey data.  The company routinely incorporates project-specific data collected by environmental consulting firms to strengthen models.
  • Using high performance cloud computing and spatial clustering, the platform is scalable and rapidly processes large datasets simultaneously, with speed and geodetic accuracy.
  • Process multiple flights from numerous pilots on shared projects simultaneously, allowing efficient, rapid workflows.
  • Secure, redundant, and unlimited storage prevents loss of or unauthorized access to data.
  • A full suite of industry-specific analysis tools and workflows are tailored to the oil and gas industry and civil engineering industries.
  • Streamlined compliance reporting with at-a-glance summaries and regulator-approved reporting documentation, covering projects ranging from a few acres to thousands.

The broad commercial release of the platform is expected in the first quarter of 2020.